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Monday, June 20, 2005

Program Tip

Hello again my hacker beotches, since my last post Kevin Rose has released another of the systm episodes, very good dot tv show.
So today I will be showing you the program for getting rid of your hacking information. Lets say you have been doing the hacking of sites or visiting the hacking websites such as this, so you are thinking you are safe because you have cleaned out your history file and also the cache file and then look for the cookies and delete it. But what you are missing is that ure computer is also saving this email in a index.dat file, which you are not being able to delete, also SWAT files save this information.
So to truely get rid of the bad encriminating evidence go and download the app
Window Washer
This is very good for deleting media player history, documents history, fine search history, paging file, recycling bin, browser history, icq information and outlook and word
These are a few options you can use but are many more, it supports a couple hundred of apps such as divx where u can delete ure view history in divx, very good!
Plus as you all know when u delete something from ure hard drive it can still be recovered, so you have teh option to delete the files with "wash with bleach" which lets you over write the files with random data, replacing the information with random zeros and ones! Truely good for all you l33t beotches here!
As you can see it is a $29 piece of programming but u should all be able to get it free if you know how
Peace out to the broken crew you all l33t

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

SYSTM Released!

Hello again my Hacker Biatches,
Sorry for the long time no speak. I am being the sorry, had to be a hiding from the MPAA and the RIAA. But I am back with the bigging News.

Kevin Rose has released a new tech-downloadable show called

Check out the site for the newest torrent links.

Now, the new Apple Codec "h.624" is being by far the best codec, so far. Better then the Xvid.
Be comparing here.

If you are having the "Windows" you cannot watch it. Apple has not released QuickTime 7 for Windows.
But I say to my self, "Ok, I be wanting the better codec, but no Apple machine".
So I find this hack for you. How to watch "h.624" codec on Windows machines.
You can be using the VLC Media Player to be watching the better quailty shitez.

Apple is showing off other HD movies at its site, be sure to be checking them out.

Thank you again my hacker biatches, you all l33t.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hacker Tip 25 :: Internet Radio Station

Ok, listen up my biatches. Today I will be teaching you how to set up the Internet Radio Station using the shoutcast.

First. Unless you have a server to run the radio off already. You need to set up your computer to do that. Download the Shoutcast DNAS Server. Also there will be all the neccesary info about the settings that you can conf.
After you have downloaded and install that. Use can use Winamp to run your radio station (There are other alternative that I will update to tell you later)
Firstly you must get the lastest version of Winamp. (Direct link to download)
To get the plugin for Winamp download it here.
For more broadcasting tools/infomation check it out here.

Ok, once those are fully installed its time to set it up.
Starting with the conf of the server.
Go to Start -> All Progams -> Shoutcast DNAS -> Edit SHOUTcast DNAS configuration.
In there, you can select the port you want. (8000 is the default and it works fine)
Also there, you can set the MaxUser. This should reflect your internet connect. If you have broadband 16 is a good start. For phone modems, Radio Internet isnt for you. Phone modems are old and slow, Ramzi's advice is to update NOW.

Also change the password
(If you are behind a router, you need to set port forwarding on Ports 8000 to your computer. For more infomation check at

After that is set up. Run SHOUTcast DNAS (Console).
If everything is working you should get the following message.

Next, we need to set up the Winamp Part.
Open up Winamp and Press Ctrl + P (For options)

Goto DSP/Effect -> Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v1.82b (Select it) -> Configure active plug-in. And a plugin window should open.
Next its time to set up Radio Encoder Setting. Click Encoder and on the first encoder (Doesnt matter which one)

Set the Encoder Type to MP3. Then the Encoder Setting to what reflects your upload speed and your audience.
Next, time to conf your station to your server. Goto Output. Select Output 1. Then Connection.
Set the address to localhost, port 8000 (unless you changed it) and password to what you set to your server. Also select the right encoder.

Next, its time to make your Radio Station personal! Under Output click Yellowpages

Screw around with these to get what you want. Next, its time to set the Input.
You have to option here, Either use Winamp as your Input Device.
Or if you have a Mic and want to add some commetary to your radio station Use as "Soundcard Input" the Input Device . Then select Microphone below. When you want to talk press "Push to Talk" and set the Music Level, BG Music Level.. etc to whatever you want.

Next, its time to Air this baby. With your Shoutcast DNAS Server Running, On the Winamp Plugin goto Output (Select the Output you choose) and Click CONNECT.

(If ever thing worked your should get a message like this above)

Now that the Radio Station is up, give it too your friends. Whats your Radio Station Address?
Its your ip:port that you decicded to use.
(The port is 8000 by default, unless you deciced to change it.)
You can find your ip at WhatsMyIp.
So for example, if you ip was and you used the default port 8000. The Shoutcast Radio station address would be
(not real, nothing there)
There you go my Hacker Biatches, how to set up Pirate radio and piss off the RIAA.
You can set up a Static DNS for your IP, with
This means you can register an address that forward to your Radio Station. Eg (-> Forward to (NOTE JUST AN EXAMPLE).
Making your radio station easier to remeber or whatever. There you go my hacker biatches. Get making and post your Radio Station in the comment, I will check them out ;)
Peace out to the broken crew, you all leet

Hacker Site 1 :: HackADay

Hello again my hacker biatches, I am being the sorry for the late updates. But i got a nice threat install for you all ;)
It is about the site HackADay
They be keeping up with with hacks, for exampling

Ramzi think they be doing good job. Be sure to check it out.
I will be adding a new hack, on how to be starting pirate (internet) radio station soon ;)
Peace out to the broken crew

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hacker Tip 24: Useful Websites

OK my beotches so you are downloading a program and you need keygen, or information on the program or just computer related things, here is a list of the websites which Ramzi finds useful for forfilling his hacking needs
Http:// <--- Use it before asking questions on here
Http:// <--- Password Cracking
Http:// <--- Security Portal
Http:// <--- Aim programs,Tips,commands etc. Http:// <--- Aim programs,Tips,commands etc. Http:// <--- Aim addon, ad-removal,cloning,logconversations Http:// <--- Security Portal
Http:// <---Full Downloads
Http:// <---Full Downloads
Http:// <--- Full Downloads
Http:// <--- Build your own Torrent Site
Http:// <--- Download Shareware/Freeware applications Http:// <--- Trojan Guarder Gold (( Trojan Guarder-Registration Code:888888888888888888Ht5rvFFFuUi1UUU44i Http:// <--- Help with BitTorrent,WinMX, and PC tweaks Http:// <--- Download many great Shareware/Freeware applications Http:// <--- Computer tweaks,Programs,help/tips Http:// <--- PHP Maker Http:// <--- Net Tools Consist 1.3 Http://Www.ArcaProject.Tk <--- Arca++ server + Client
Http:// <--- Mozilla FireFox web browser Better than Internet Explorer Http:// <--- Full download site Http:// <--- Good site for .OCX's <--> Cracks/Keygens <-->
<--> BitTorrent Websites <--> ((Games,Movies,Software,Music,Tv shows at these Websites))
Http:// BitTorrent P2P
^^Before you are able to download from these/ANY BitTorrent Websites you must have a BitTorrent client!^^
<--> BitTorrent Clients <-->
Thanks to my beotches in Software Galaxy for these links
Peace out to the Broken Crew

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hacker Tip 23: Bittorent

OK My hacker beotches in the next post you will see that you can download things using bittorrent, if you did not know this you should be the shot!
Anyway here is a list of my favorite bittorrent clients.
1. Bit Tornado
2. Bittorrent (Original)
3. Azureus
These are not in any order but these are the ones that i have found most user friendly and fast. However if you have any others that you think are better please email me telling me which you think are best
As promised here is another gmail invite. Dont take it if you have one!!
Gmail account
Peace Out to the Broken Crew

Sunday, February 27, 2005


OK my hacker beotches as i said before i do read your comments and am glad to find that most of you are liking what i have posted on the sight. However i have been looking at the comments in the Antivirus post and some of you seem to think that Norton and Mcaffee are not being good antivirus programs.
So my beotches here you go, here is my e-mail:
So if you have recommendations for the hackertips, or changes for me feel free to the e-mail the my email and i will see what i can do for you OK!
As for the person who is not liking Norton saying it is Terrible please tell me what u think is good!
Also my beotches i thought i would be the nice to you people that visit my site so here you go
Please do not take if you already have a gmail account!
I will post a new gmail account at a random point during every week so keep coming back beotches
peace out to the broken crew

Friday, February 25, 2005

Hackertip 22: Virus Scan

OK my hacker beotches so you are coming onto the internet for the first time and you are youngstupid and naeive what do u do? You get caught out by l33t hacker like Ramzi! Bang your computer shut down! So u are thinnki8ng what has the been happening, well my beotches u either got hacked or u got a virus. So u are thinking how do i stop virus or being hacked. Well you should know but if u dont.... USE A FIREWALL AND VIRUS SCAN!!!
So now you are thinking hmmm ok that is good but which ones do i use
Well my hacker beotches let me tell you i have been using the internet for long time now and have come to find that the best virus Scans are (in order)
2. Mcafee and Norton Antivirus (TIED)
3. AVG

These are being the updated list. Kaspersky uses your ram up like a bitch but its da shitz!!!
So now what do u use for a firewall?
well Ramzi uses these ones.

1. Norton Internet Security
2. Zone Alarm Pro (Or zone alarm if you want it free)
3. McAfee personal desktop firewall
You got other? Tell me in the comments?!!

These are the ones i have found to be best and again they are in order.
So there u go my hacker beotches use this and u make it harder for hackers to get onto your computer
Windows XP has a built in firewall but it is not that good. To activate it (if you dont have SP2 which activates it automatically) go to
Start-View available connections- Open your internet connection that u use- go to properties tab (the very last one) and click the box which will activate the not so good firewall. Be warned it is better to get one of the ones listed above as well as using this one.
Peace out to the broken crew
-- Ramzi--