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Sunday, February 27, 2005


OK my hacker beotches as i said before i do read your comments and am glad to find that most of you are liking what i have posted on the sight. However i have been looking at the comments in the Antivirus post and some of you seem to think that Norton and Mcaffee are not being good antivirus programs.
So my beotches here you go, here is my e-mail:
So if you have recommendations for the hackertips, or changes for me feel free to the e-mail the my email and i will see what i can do for you OK!
As for the person who is not liking Norton saying it is Terrible please tell me what u think is good!
Also my beotches i thought i would be the nice to you people that visit my site so here you go
Please do not take if you already have a gmail account!
I will post a new gmail account at a random point during every week so keep coming back beotches
peace out to the broken crew

Friday, February 25, 2005

Hackertip 22: Virus Scan

OK my hacker beotches so you are coming onto the internet for the first time and you are youngstupid and naeive what do u do? You get caught out by l33t hacker like Ramzi! Bang your computer shut down! So u are thinnki8ng what has the been happening, well my beotches u either got hacked or u got a virus. So u are thinking how do i stop virus or being hacked. Well you should know but if u dont.... USE A FIREWALL AND VIRUS SCAN!!!
So now you are thinking hmmm ok that is good but which ones do i use
Well my hacker beotches let me tell you i have been using the internet for long time now and have come to find that the best virus Scans are (in order)
2. Mcafee and Norton Antivirus (TIED)
3. AVG

These are being the updated list. Kaspersky uses your ram up like a bitch but its da shitz!!!
So now what do u use for a firewall?
well Ramzi uses these ones.

1. Norton Internet Security
2. Zone Alarm Pro (Or zone alarm if you want it free)
3. McAfee personal desktop firewall
You got other? Tell me in the comments?!!

These are the ones i have found to be best and again they are in order.
So there u go my hacker beotches use this and u make it harder for hackers to get onto your computer
Windows XP has a built in firewall but it is not that good. To activate it (if you dont have SP2 which activates it automatically) go to
Start-View available connections- Open your internet connection that u use- go to properties tab (the very last one) and click the box which will activate the not so good firewall. Be warned it is better to get one of the ones listed above as well as using this one.
Peace out to the broken crew
-- Ramzi--

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hacker News 2 :: BitTorrent Under Attack. - One of the most popular torrent sites, after other greats like Suprnova and other, has been takne down by the MPAA.

In a statement from MPAA "The operator of that site, Edward Webber, agreed to not only pay a substantial settlement with even greater financial penalties for any further such actions, but by Court Order must provide the MPAA with access to and copies of all logs and server data related to his illegal BitTorrent activities, which will provide a roadmap to others who have used LokiTorrent to engage in illegal activities."
The MPAA have been aiming the lawsuits and it can be expected that their shall soon by the closing of many other BitTorrent Searchsites.

Whats does Ramzi think of this? If the MPAA has closed down this site, because it is able to be providing links to the torrents, then in that theory Google should be closed down too. But whats is really be me scarying is that "Lokitorrent has agreed to turn over the server's user logs"
The laws of copyrighting are different in every country, for example in Sweden, its is much harder for "Hollywood" to close down sites. Be a looking at The Pirate Bay
(Hey, im linking to a linking site! Is that illegal?!) They dont care and openly mock any legal threats that they get from Micrsft, EA Games. Ramzi message to you! Be safe when downloading! This bitches are trying to track you, i would be suggesting to be getting the...
  • PeerGuardian - A good "firewall" to be blocking the MPAA biatches!
  • Protowall - Bluetack is a security solutions portal - dedicated to providing News, Security articles, Software reviews, Guides, IP Research, and the Tools needed to help us keep our connections to the net and each other secure, safe, and free from unwanted guests.
Thank you age my hacker beotches. Be safe.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hacker Tip 21 :: Free Shit!

Ok, if you are being like me. You like the free stuff. So i got the ultimate list of the free hosting and free email and free storage! It so long, i hav been making a different page for it.

Hacker News 1: How Kazza is Sucking

OK my beotches, I should not be needing to be doing the pointing out of this but Kazza is having lots of the Adware. So how do I Ramzi back this up for you my avid readers. Well thanks to Digg's news i have been following the Kazza law suit and this is what the employees are saying!
Sharman employees hate Kazaa
Part of the allegations against Sharman in the Kazaagate trial involve breaches of the Trade Practices Act. That by installing Kazaa, the performance and cost of running your PC is affected and you are not warned about this.

Sharman has denied on numerous occasions that it installs adware, and to my knowledge has never conceded that running Kazaa would affect tasks as basic as web browsing.

But Morle is very concerned.

“We need to be careful with user resources. Most obvious is in the adware we add to their machine upon installation. This software slows down users’ machines and can affect other activity such as browsing the Internet (as we have seen with PerfectNav). It is reasonable that we show ads in order to create our free software, but I do not believe it is reasonable to place a user in a position where this free software will also make their machine sluggish. Consider how many people that work for Sharman Networks and its partners that hate installing Kazaa on their machines. ”

It’s true. Nikki Hemming, Warrior Woman and leader of the revolution, once told an Australian newspaper that she never uses Kazaa. But she didn’t quite put it like this.

So my beotches there you have it! get rid of the Kazza, I know you can be getting the Kazza Light, or Kazza Resurection but i think you should switch to something that doesnt have the name Kazza in it, because it is being shit! I know in the broken video i am searching on Kazza Lite K++ edition but that version has been shut down by the Sharman Networks.
So what are you going to use now? well my beotches i have a list of P2P clients that i Ramzi am favoring over Kazza these are

  • Warez- Pretty new so not as many sources as Kazza but still high download speeds
  • Limewire- This is also good, as many sources as Kazza but not as fast
  • Bearshare- This is not as good as the above two, even though it claims to be the Worlds best, so I suggest you only use this if you are only just starting out on P2P Clients and just want to get a teaste of what it is like
  • Shareaza- This is pretty good as well searching all P2P networks for music, other people tell me its good but it doesnt seem to be too user friendly with my computer, taking hours to download a single song
Also my beotches you can get the pro versions of Bearshare, and Limewire so if you need the pro versions you must be l33t beotches and find out my e-mail address and ask me for it, if you cannot get it yourself. Feel free to leave any comments i always read them