Wednesday, May 25, 2005

SYSTM Released!

Hello again my Hacker Biatches,
Sorry for the long time no speak. I am being the sorry, had to be a hiding from the MPAA and the RIAA. But I am back with the bigging News.

Kevin Rose has released a new tech-downloadable show called

Check out the site for the newest torrent links.

Now, the new Apple Codec "h.624" is being by far the best codec, so far. Better then the Xvid.
Be comparing here.

If you are having the "Windows" you cannot watch it. Apple has not released QuickTime 7 for Windows.
But I say to my self, "Ok, I be wanting the better codec, but no Apple machine".
So I find this hack for you. How to watch "h.624" codec on Windows machines.
You can be using the VLC Media Player to be watching the better quailty shitez.

Apple is showing off other HD movies at its site, be sure to be checking them out.

Thank you again my hacker biatches, you all l33t.