Monday, June 20, 2005

Program Tip

Hello again my hacker beotches, since my last post Kevin Rose has released another of the systm episodes, very good dot tv show.
So today I will be showing you the program for getting rid of your hacking information. Lets say you have been doing the hacking of sites or visiting the hacking websites such as this, so you are thinking you are safe because you have cleaned out your history file and also the cache file and then look for the cookies and delete it. But what you are missing is that ure computer is also saving this email in a index.dat file, which you are not being able to delete, also SWAT files save this information.
So to truely get rid of the bad encriminating evidence go and download the app
Window Washer
This is very good for deleting media player history, documents history, fine search history, paging file, recycling bin, browser history, icq information and outlook and word
These are a few options you can use but are many more, it supports a couple hundred of apps such as divx where u can delete ure view history in divx, very good!
Plus as you all know when u delete something from ure hard drive it can still be recovered, so you have teh option to delete the files with "wash with bleach" which lets you over write the files with random data, replacing the information with random zeros and ones! Truely good for all you l33t beotches here!
As you can see it is a $29 piece of programming but u should all be able to get it free if you know how
Peace out to the broken crew you all l33t